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Imagine: you walked into your shared flat and you immediately saw Niall standing there with his suitcase. you stayed quiet while he spoke ” I didn’t think you would be home early.” you just stared at him because you knew what he was going to tell you. “I’ve been thinking a lot (y/n) and I think it’s best if I leave. I can’t do this anymore. Trying to help you see that you the most beautiful person I’ve ever seen.” tears started to form in your eyes but you were quick to blink them away. You finally spoke, “You found them didn’t you?” you were referring to the blades you kept hidden on top of the medicine cabinet. “yeah I did, and I’m tired of trying. I think this is for the best. I’m sorry.” you couldn’t help but let out a shaky breath before you spoke ” yeah well I’m not.” he stared at you confused so you continued “I may be sorry for falling too hard, but I’m not sorry for falling inlove in the first place. I’m not sorry for loving you with ever ounce I have in my body.” you felt tears start to run down your cheeks and you swallowed the lump forming in your throat before you continued. “I’m not sorry for having you be the only person who’s in my mind all the time.” you turned away and said ” I’m not sorry and I don’t think I ever will be sorry but you think that this will be good for us, then fine, but if you can’t handle me at my worst then you definitely can’t handle me at my best.” with that said you walked towards the door not giving him a second look but as you reached for the knob, he grabbed your wrist and turned you around and before you could protest he smashed his lips to your. You let yourself kiss him back because in your mind, this might be the last time you could. When he pulled away he said “I want to with you. I just need you to try for me.” you smiled and nodded before kissing him lightly……………Omg this is the first imagine I’ve ever done. Comment if you liked it and if I should continue doing them. (at Imagine)

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